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We’ll start by giving a very brief introduction to Roberto Cavalli; who he is, what he does and why his brand has one of the most popular perfumes around.

Roberto Cavalli is an Italian fashion designer who is perhaps best-known for his creation of the sand-blasted look on practically all denim jeans nowadays. This was simply something Cavalli put out as part of his range which caught on and still continues to be the standard to this day; therefore it is easy to see how this man can create a self-titled perfume which will capture people’s attention.

It is another thing however, to create a perfume which not only challenges some of today’s biggest brands, but also makes it in to the Top 10 list of the most sought after fragrances for women in Europe.

roberto-cavalli-perfume-bottleRoberto Cavalli by Roberto Cavalli was released in this year (2012) and does an amazing job of capturing the attention of those who are around the wearer. With top notes of Pink Pepper and Green Mandarin, this perfume is what is known as a “Balsamic Floral” scent. With base notes of Roasted Tonka beans and Benzoin Laos, Roberto Cavalli is floral and sweet at a glance, but goes much deeper in to a colourful and seductive, luxurious scent.
We would say this is a scent for the modern young women who is looking for something different to the traditional older-smelling perfumes, but also something that doesn’t smell too youthful – a feminine take on the classics.

Light brown in colour and in an oval-shaped bottle with a signature Roberto Cavalli stopper, this perfume focuses more on what matters – the scent itself – rather than the design of the product itself.

Roberto Cavalli by Roberto Cavalli has the potential to be in the Top 10 favourite perfumes for women for years to come. We believe this is one of those which has the ability to become a ‘signature scent‘ because of its unique, feminine aroma.

Roberto CavalliThe new scent for her.

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