CURIOUS by Britney Spears

by UK Perfume Price Comparisons on 28/11/2012

britney-spears-curious-perfume-advertisementReleased in 2004, Curious was Britney Spears’ first perfume endorsement and was the number one selling perfume for that year in department stores from across the world.  This later lead to the fragrance receiving the title of “Best Women’s Fragrance” for 2005 and helped to staple the brand name and it’s longevity in the market place.

The fragrance is made of several different notes, first of which are from the floral accords – Magnolia, Pear and Lotus flower; followed by a second wave which comes from Tuberose, Jasmine and Cyclamen.  The base notes are mainly woody – white woods, sandalwood – with the exception of musk and vanilla.

This makes up for a great fragrance that is truly inspirational and well thought out perfume which is still highly popular between early-to-mid-twenty year old women today.  The price on which this perfume is one the market at and the value for money because of its longevity factor make this a great buy.

britney-spears-curious-perfume-productWe think that it would be best worn during the daytime – one or two sprays should last you a good long while, which is perfect when going about your daily business and may not have time to re-apply.  The design of the bottle itself is what we see as a modern take on the original perfume bottles from the 1930′s; diamond shaped with a large stopper for the top, however it has been done in an opaque blue with some pink charms around the neck of the bottle

Are you CURIOUS about Britney Spears’ fragrances?

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BIG PONY 1 FOR MEN by Ralph Lauren

by UK Perfume Price Comparisons on 27/11/2012


In 2010, Ralph Lauren released a new line of fragrances which were designed to put out a bold statement; this was partly done by drastically re-sizing their existing logo to make it larger and stand out more on the front of the product – it was accompanied by a wide range of other Ralph Lauren products besides perfumes.

That new line was of course, the “Big Pony” range – a name given in reference to the large logo that is used on all of these products.

Each of the fragrances in this range have a number between one and four and also a different coloured bottle.


Today were looking at Big Pony 1 for Men, which comes in a blue bottle that is shaped in the style of a hip-flask and has the Big Pony logo embossed on the front and the “1″ in the backdrop.

To imagine the smell of this fragrance, imagine citrus – or more accurately, lime.  The first thing you can smell is this, followed by a woody aroma which is produced from by the element of oak.  There is a tiny bit of sweetness in there, but it is something that you will find only comes after the first notes wear off.

All of this is presented in a way which does not impose itself upon you and is subtle enough for you to enjoy both on yourself or somebody else.

It is definitely a range aimed at younger people, both with the design and the smell.  We believe that Big Pony 1 for Men is a fragrance that would find its full potential when worn during the day, however that isn’t to say that you wouldn’t smell great when wearing it at any other time!

A youthful and modern smelling fragrance from Ralph Lauren – Big Pony 1 for Men.


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CURVE APPEAL – Elizabeth Claiborne

by UK Perfume Price Comparisons on 27/11/2012

elizabeth-claiborne-curve-appealElizabeth Claiborne’s Curve Appeal is an attention catching, seductive and inspiring fragrance made up from fruity, floral and woody notes.

Landing itself a spot in the “2012 Women’s Fragrance of the Year” for the broad appeal market, this fragrance is one that comes from a designer who is lesser known than the bigger names, but still has the ability to create a scent which has great potential.

There is also the men’s version available under the same name which has won the award for “2012 Men’s Fragrance of the Year“.

Launched in 2011, Elizabeth Claiborne has clearly made a winner that most definitely has the Curve Appeal.

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ETERNITY by Calvin Klein

by UK Perfume Price Comparisons on 27/11/2012


Being on the market since 1988, Eternity by Calvin Klein has become a sort of signature perfume for the brand, winning the “Most Successful Women’s Perfume” award in 1989, the year after its release and being inducted in to the Fragrance Hall of Fame in 2003.

The key to Eternity’s success is that it is very appealing to everyone – women like to wear it and smell great, and men are attracted to that.

We feel it is one of those perfumes that everyone seems to have heard of, and while you may not be able to recall the smell in your mind straight away, is definitely one of those that if you are actually told you are smelling Eternity by Calvin Klein, would definitely know.


It is composed of fresh citrus and green notes which are closely followed by the aromas of lily-of-the-valley and violet.  There is a background hint of spice in there too, which is produced by the element of carnation.

An absolutely fantastic and timeless perfume by Calvin Klein which will be around for “Eternity”.

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DKNY – Sweet Delicious Pink Macaron

by UK Perfume Price Comparisons on 26/11/2012

pink-macaroonsAhhh macarons. As far as French patisserie goes, in my mind at least, there is simply nothing finer.

And with all the rage in perfumery this year being the Gourmand scent (see Thierry Mugler’s Angel gourmand range for example), it’s kind of surprising we haven’t seen more of these.

pink-macaron-cupcake-standSo, if you’re not sure what a Macaron is – and be sure you don’t get confused with Macaroons – then click here and have a gander at the Wikipedia entry, which tells you more than I ever could. I gotta be honest, the Wikipedia picture doesn’t like very appetising, but in reality they are de-lish.

Right, so on with the fragrance.

The official line from the DKNY website goes as follows:

Delightfully girly, a mixture of nectarine and kumquat, dipped in a layer of pomegranate, and rolled with a rose marzipan accord. The icing on top? A hint of flower petals for a pretty-in-pink finale.

Scent: Sweet, floral

Occasion: Perfect day to evening scent

Feel: Light-hearted and flirty

DKNY – Sweet Delicious Pink Macaron TV Advert

Where can I buy DKNY – Sweet Delicious Pink Macaron?

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Insolence by Guerlain

by UK Perfume Price Comparisons on 24/11/2012

Guerlain released Insolence back in 2006 and has stayed on top ever since.

Its bold aroma is one that will set you aside from the crowd; one that people will be able to smell even after you have gone.   Insolence is made up from floral notes which are composed mainly of violet, rose and orange blossom; the combinations of different aromas make for a perfume which is very distinctive.

insolence-guerlain-perfume-advertisementMarketed mainly towards the younger women, the original marketing campaign featured Hilary Swank – an Oscar winning actress.

Insolence has made its mark on the Guerlain range by introducing itself as one of the more modern smelling perfumes that they offer.

It comes in a beautiful spherical bottle with a rose-esque bottle cap.

Would make for a great present for either yourself or a loved one this Christmas.

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Today’s Free Fragrance Friday is from Paco Rabanne.

You can choose between One Million or Lady Million, but it’s only one free sample per household!

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WAKELY by Abercrombie & Fitch

by UK Perfume Price Comparisons on 23/11/2012


So today’s feature is WAKELY by Abercrombie & Fitch.

Now this perfume is actually designed for women, however we have been hearing from many different people that it has a sort of unisex smell to it – were not quite sure about that, as the first notes that come through when you smell it are that it is sweet and that doesn’t really fit the criteria, however you may disagree.

So we’re going to stick with what Abercrombie & Fitch intended, a perfume for women.

abercrombie-fitch-logoAs I’ve written above, the first notes that come through are those of a sweet nature with some citrus and amber thrown in there, too.

We’d like to think of it as one of those perfumes which will remind you of someone because of its distinct smell and long-lasting effects.

Whilst lots of people tend to go for the well-known brands in the perfume industry, brands such as Abercrombie & Fitch are offering you a chance to smell wonderful and unique at a cut of the cost.

Why not give Abercrombie & Fitch’s WAKELY a try?

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CHANCE by Chanel

by UK Perfume Price Comparisons on 22/11/2012


Similar in some ways to the Eau de Toilette equivalent, this Eua de Parfum has some unexpected kicks in certain areas.

There are many scents which can be picked out from this fragrance; Exotic Jasmine, Iris and Vanilla to name a few.

There are very few perfumes which we could pick out that have a way of marrying certain scents which would seem at a glance to be totally incompatible with one and other.

CHANCE by Chanel is definitely one of them.


Released back in 2002, this perfume definitely still has the ability to compete with today’s biggest sellers by capturing you with its full-bodied aroma.

This is one of those perfumes which will stand the test of time; still smelling as youthful as it does today in twenty years.


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Classique X by Jean Paul Gaultier

by UK Perfume Price Comparisons on 21/11/2012


A fresh take on the Gaultier’s “Classique”, this perfume has been seen as somewhat of a successor to the still-popular original.  Classique X is based heavily on orange notes with woody accords.

It is available in both 50 and 100ml editions and the bottle is influenced by the already familiar Gaultier body-image design.


The neck of the bottle features an “X” pendant which sits above the matte-effect “X” on the chest of the bottle.

This perfume has been available since January 2010 and still smells as fresh as the day it arrived on the shelves.