FLOWER by Kenzo

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Launched in 2000 and created by perfumer Alberto Morillas, Flower by Kenzo is somewhat of a modern masterpiece which is sure to stand the test of time along with some of today’s most revered classics.

By all accounts, Flower is a modern smelling perfume with a remarkably rich and long lasting aroma.  Made up from Wild Hawthorne, Bulgarian Rose, Parma Violet, Cassia, Hedione, Cyclosal, Opoponax, White Musk and Vanilla, this is a fragrance which mixes some very contrasting notes to create a perfume which has a similar effect to Guerlain’s Insolence; another perfume which uses a blend of some very modern and very traditional elements such as rose and violet.

flower-by-kenzoIf you haven’t had the chance to smell Kenzo Flower, we suggest that you head down to the nearest shop that sells fragrances and give it a try – you won’t be disappointed.  You should be able to find it in all the biggest retailers as this has been one of the best sellers throughout Europe for over ten years.

The bottle which Flower comes in is opaque, tall and thin; something which definitely reflects the contemporary design which is prevalent throughout the branding of this product.

It is available in three different sizes – 30, 50 and 100ml – each size is said to represent the different stages in which a poppy flower blooms.

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