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BIG PONY 1 FOR MEN by Ralph Lauren

by UK Perfume Price Comparisons on 27/11/2012


In 2010, Ralph Lauren released a new line of fragrances which were designed to put out a bold statement; this was partly done by drastically re-sizing their existing logo to make it larger and stand out more on the front of the product – it was accompanied by a wide range of other Ralph Lauren products besides perfumes.

That new line was of course, the “Big Pony” range – a name given in reference to the large logo that is used on all of these products.

Each of the fragrances in this range have a number between one and four and also a different coloured bottle.


Today were looking at Big Pony 1 for Men, which comes in a blue bottle that is shaped in the style of a hip-flask and has the Big Pony logo embossed on the front and the “1″ in the backdrop.

To imagine the smell of this fragrance, imagine citrus – or more accurately, lime.  The first thing you can smell is this, followed by a woody aroma which is produced from by the element of oak.  There is a tiny bit of sweetness in there, but it is something that you will find only comes after the first notes wear off.

All of this is presented in a way which does not impose itself upon you and is subtle enough for you to enjoy both on yourself or somebody else.

It is definitely a range aimed at younger people, both with the design and the smell.  We believe that Big Pony 1 for Men is a fragrance that would find its full potential when worn during the day, however that isn’t to say that you wouldn’t smell great when wearing it at any other time!

A youthful and modern smelling fragrance from Ralph Lauren – Big Pony 1 for Men.


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