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Fame By Lady Gaga

by UK Perfume Price Comparisons on 13/12/2012


FAME signifies Lady Gaga‘s entrance in to the perfume market with a perfume named after her debut album which helped her reach the level of celebrity that she is at now.

Released in the UK on August 22nd, 2012 and in collaboration with The Haus Laboratories, FAME is but a couple of months old and is still trying to make its way in to the hearts and minds of its users.

FAME is different to other perfumes in the sense that it uses what is known as “push-pull technology”, which disregards the pyramidal composition structure that mainly all other perfumes use.

lady-gaga-fame-perfume-bottleThis technology allows FAME to highlight each individual note at the same time, without any hierarchy that you find in other perfumes – whilst wearing another fragrance, you have probably noticed the smell changes over time; this is due to the different notes wearing off and shining through. FAME will smell the same from the moment you put it on till the moment you wash it off.

The fragrance is made up of three main accords: Dark, sensual and light accord – the dark accord includes a poisonous flower known as Belladonna and a tad of incense which transforms itself into a floral veil which will engulf you with drops of honey, saffron and apricot.

Like the technology used to make this perfume, the liquid in which all of this is enveloped is also innovative; a black coloured liquid which Lady Gaga described as like fame itself: “Black like the soul of fame, but invisible once airborne.”

The design of the bottle (pictured above) is also quite nice  - shaped like an egg with a bottle stopper we can only describe as looking like a claw which is grasping the bottle. The black coloured perfume liquid is also a prominent part of this design, which is highlighted by the gold bottle stopper.

As a celebrity perfume, we like what Lady Gaga is doing by providing an innovative product which stands out amongst the dozens of other celebrity perfumes out there. A great scent and design.

You can watch the full advertisement campaign in the video below:

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