Insolence by Guerlain

by UK Perfume Price Comparisons on 24/11/2012

Guerlain released Insolence back in 2006 and has stayed on top ever since.

Its bold aroma is one that will set you aside from the crowd; one that people will be able to smell even after you have gone.   Insolence is made up from floral notes which are composed mainly of violet, rose and orange blossom; the combinations of different aromas make for a perfume which is very distinctive.

insolence-guerlain-perfume-advertisementMarketed mainly towards the younger women, the original marketing campaign featured Hilary Swank – an Oscar winning actress.

Insolence has made its mark on the Guerlain range by introducing itself as one of the more modern smelling perfumes that they offer.

It comes in a beautiful spherical bottle with a rose-esque bottle cap.

Would make for a great present for either yourself or a loved one this Christmas.

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